THE answer for entrepreneurs, delivering VISION, CLARITY and CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to business ideas that have lost their sense of direction. nHotPursuit is the pit stop, having the ability to redefine purpose and give new life to an existing set of skills. The objective is to inspire business leaders to take off, confident at full speed, with a new outlook on their business model and products. It is then that the acts of passion, focus, creativity and delivery will launch them to their desired level of success.  nHotPursuit believes that ANYbody with the right mindset can see, design and live an amazing life!




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The Man Behind the Brand
Todd Johnson...who is he and what is the inspiration behind nHotPursuit?

Clarity Exercise pt. 2
Clarity is KEY to is one of my MANY methods to help you achieve this.

Clarity Exercise
...go on this journey to "Clarity" with me

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Todd helped me turn my hobby into a profitable 7-figure business. Todd will help you significantly increase your sales and grow your brand. His information was practical and easy-to-follow. I highly recommend Todd to anyone who is serious about turning their passions into a profitable business. He brings real-world experience and creativity to any business owner.

JJ Smith #1 NY Times  Bestselling Author