Todd Johnson is CEO and Founder to one of the world’s fastest growing companies in the world, according to Inc. Magazine. Starting with only a few key employees, Todd combined his technical background and business acumen to manage and grow an award-winning company that has successfully performed implementations for over 250 companies in North America, South America and Europe.

As an entrepreneur, Todd Johnson has started or helped to start businesses around the world to include Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and the United States. Concurrent with his successful career as entrepreneur and CEO of several companies; Todd has founded and partnered to build companies in the industries of commercial construction, retail, hospitality, publishing and information marketing; leading these companies through start-up, turnaround and growth modes.

As a natural visionary, Todd has the true spirit of an entrepreneur that builds powerful teams with the ability and skills needed to execute quickly and drive successful ventures. He also manages the global branding and operations of his portfolio of companies.

Although much of Todd’s financial success derives from business, he finds personal success in helping entrepreneurs; would-be entrepreneurs and business leaders maximize their earning potential through executive coaching and by partnering to help them execute their go-to market strategies. Much of this is accredited to his natural born instinct to help others, but Todd Johnson has an even bigger vision and is excited to lend an even bigger hand to the growing community of entrepreneurs. His goal is to simply make a difference in the lives of those who wish to make a difference.