It’s Not About You

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room, so getting it right is key. When somebody sees your logo, or social media outlets for example, it immediately evokes an emotion in them; whether the feeling is of admiration, indifference, or something else depends on how you’ve marketed your […]


5 Steps To Success

Most people think it requires destiny or fate to succeed; or that you have to be the most talented person in the room to be the most successful, and that’s not the case. It takes work, perseverance, and dedication mixed with a clear vision and massive, consistent action. Anyone can start by adding these five […]


Speed as a Habit

Speed of execution is the ultimate weapon in business! Speed is a defining characteristic — if not the defining characteristic — of the leader in virtually every industry you look at. How many good ideas have you written down in your notebooks or locked away in a vault in your mind stored with a fuzzy intention […]


Time Machine

SUMMARY: Time is free, and something we take for granted…yet somehow we complain to never have enough.  As an entrepreneur, “time” is our most valuable tool.  Without proper use, our business is sure to fall apart.  Every minute of the day that we are given is priceless!  We must learn to be encapsulated in “time”… meaning […]