It’s Not About You

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room, so getting it right is key. When somebody sees your logo, or social media outlets for example, it immediately evokes an emotion in them; whether the feeling is of admiration, indifference, or something else depends on how you’ve marketed your brand identity. However, at the end of the day, your brand isn’t about you. Branding isn’t just about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but about creating a story that transcends itself to being a connect between your customer and your business.

Impact Not Income

A memorable brand creates an impact because it tells a story bigger than the product itself. Take Google for example. Google has become more than just a search engine, it’s the entire internet. Google represents access to the world in a matter of seconds at your fingertips. That’s a big story,

The impact your brand can have on your customer is built into the ideas that you affix to it through storytelling. Your brand can be a story about connecting and building relationships with your customers and community; it can tell a story about changing the world, one act of goodwill at a time, or both! Decide on your story and make sure it’s genuine and unique to what you stand for. Then, through the power of visuals, social media, and instant communication, go on to tell your story the way only you can. Trust me, if you create a solid foundation to your business, which starts with impactful branding, the money will follow.

Money Can’t Create Legacy

What’s important and relevant today will be obsolete tomorrow. The key to creating a memorable brand is to sustain it. While revenue is important, it’s not the key to good branding. Great brands work to make money, of course, but in their choices of how to do so, they think about ultimately building an enduring legacy. They invest in the future while being aware of the need to create a true connection with their community. You can purchase the best logo, tagline, and website design for your brand. But if you aren’t consciously going above and beyond the mundane by building on true connections with your community, you’ll fall behind in the shadows. Having a strong brand identity will serve as a buffer against uncertainty and change by providing your business with a coherent identity.

Deliver Exceptional Work Loaded With Good Will

As you think about the impact you wish to create, think about how you can use your skills and branding to do something for the greater good and the bottom line.

As you dig deeper into answering this question, you’ll find yourself beginning to uncover the deeper meaning of your brand’s identity. Once you’ve decided on the story your brand tells and the identity it stands for, you have to make sure that every interaction your business has, both professional and personal, is consistent with your principles.

Create high-quality products, tell your brand’s story through smart marketing, and let your customers know that your brand sets the standard for great service. Then focus on always delivering exceptional products and services to your customers while spreading good will throughout the world in the best way you can. This is how you turn your brand into a memorable story that turns your customers into raving fans that come back to you time and time again eager to spend their hard earned money on your amazing products.