Time Machine


Time is free, and something we take for granted…yet somehow we complain to never have enough.  As an entrepreneur, “time” is our most valuable tool.  Without proper use, our business is sure to fall apart.  Every minute of the day that we are given is priceless!  We must learn to be encapsulated in “time”… meaning the longer you are there directly impacts your level of success.  If you were to step into a time machine and look back on how your time was spent, would you have regrets?  Could you see where valuable time could have been stolen to invest in the growth of your business?  Every second that passes is gone… forever… so it’s significant that we don’t take this for granted.  As an entrepreneur you are committing to making a difference in this world, somehow, someway.  Once that commitment is made you must realize that “time” is the ONLY thing that’s going to take you from day to day, so USE IT UP!, Effectively and efficiently.  Educate yourself, be creative, engage with family, friends or neighbors to “test the waters” of your business ideas, and BUILD.  Your commitment to making a difference immediately gives new meaning to “time.”  We cannot change how much time is given to us in a day, but we can change how we spend it.  In this moment in time, we have the power to write our own history… Make it GOOD!